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Remote Offerings

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Remote Healing

This treatment is the most sought after healing modality on Melody's menu. Here we utilize and channel Energy Medicine at it’s finest. This is a potent effective combination of Reiki, Curanderismo, Ethereal Surgery, Crystal, Sound Frequency & Intuitive Healing plus divination. Begining with prayer, sacred smoke and permission to connect with your energy field, ancestors and guides, you simply relax in the comfort of your own home while receiving an in-depth Chakra Scan and customized healing according to your needs and my intuitive findings. We work on your energy bodies, cut low vibrational chords, balance the Chakras, unblock energetic clots, utilize raw high quality crystals, ancient symbols, shaker tools, Florida Water and Sacred Smoke to clear & tune energies that may be out of alignment. Guides, loved ones, shadow aspects of your self & your energetic exchange with the outside world will come through. This is soul work, light work & Shadow Work, releasing vibrations that weigh down the physical, mental & spirit bodies. A thourough Detailed Healing Report based on all channeled findings, including Herb, crystal prescriptions, ritual work, spiritual baths, essential oil prescriptions and an Oracle Card reading with pics is sent the following evening. Healings typically last 2 hours or longer depending on findings. When payment is received instructions on how to prepare for the healing are sent via email.

Intuitive Readings

Looking for direction or divine guidance? Melody inherited her connection to spirit from both family lines, her great grandmother, known for her accuracy in readings, believed divining to be a helpful tool that not only reflects our surroundings but aides in creating them. She is experienced in reading and receiving dreams, scrying, tea, coffee, pendulum, lenormand, oracle, rune, crystal, spirit board, western astrological charts and more. Currently offering intuitive card readings, pendulum and kinesiology testing.


*Booking through messenger,

readings done video conference

15mins ~ $60
30mins ~ $90
60 mins ~ $160

2 hours or more $200
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