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I've been following Melody's career for well over a decade now and I must say she truly has the magical touch! Melody's calm warm presence makes anyone feel at ease right from the start. I'm an RN and having a human life that depends on you can be extremely stressful! Melody takes the time to truly listen to you but lets your body do the communicating. Melody is very in tune and pays attention to the subtle signals the body releases so she can fine tune your treatment . No one treatment of mine has ever been the same. Whether it's combing massage with Reiki,or other healing modalities, I leave her space more peaceful and open to deal with what lies ahead.


I could go on and on about how AMAZING she is. But if you don't take the chance to see for yourself you'll never know. Book a session with her ASAP!

you won't be disappointed



I have been going to Melody for a little over a year now, and my life has become overall,

better! Melody has not only made me "feel" healthier, in EVERY aspect. She has helped me awaken parts of myself that I didn't realize were dormant & locked away for years. She has helped me pull the "magic" that I had stored away in the very core of my soul, and not only showed me how to use it, but reminded me that I always knew how to. She has helped me heal trauma I never        imagined I could move past. She has reminded me about the importance of self care on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. Melody has been a constant

confidant, a cheerleader, a muse, an inspiration, and someone I can honestly say I have trusted from day one. she is the most

understanding, non judgmental, beautiful 

person I have been blessed to cross paths with. Through her healings, she has helped me to become an overall better person. There are some experiences you just cannot write about because there are no words, in ANY earth bound language, that would be able to describe them: having even one session with Melody will make you understand what I am saying . To anyone reading this, whatever you are going through, GO. SEE. MELODY


Christina C.  

I have been going to Melody for energy work, healings, emotional diffusions, cleansing and readings, for about a year now. the 18 months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me, losing a close friend, a beloved pet, my teaching position, and all belief in Catholic faith which I was raised. These losses came at a time when I myself had received Reiki II training and was rather susceptible to all types of energies. Although I found it difficult to practice Reiki myself, I turned to melody for guidance. Her presence alone is enough to calm the soul. Needless to say, her hands are those of a true healer. It wasn't long after I 

started seeing her I found myself embracing struggle, recognizing the potential in the lemons life had to offer. Though I lost my faith in organized religion, I found a new faith in myself and a belief in the connection between all living things and the universe.

Melody's healing work has allowed me to embark on a journey of self- discovery I didn't know was possible. Her Reiki sessions have provided me with the energy required to break the cycle of fear and embrace change. I am forever grateful to have found Melody and can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am today mentally and emotionally without her energetic support. She's one of a kind


Stephanie C. 

This woman is the truth!! Not only has she helped me in finding the best healing procedure for me but in our sessions she's also helped me relieve my stress physically, mentally and spiritually! our chats have been hysterical as well as deep and emotional.. She so much more than words can express and no matter where her world may take her I will always follow and be on her table! If you don't believe me just her a try. Trust me you won't regret it!! Melody thank you for all that you have gotten me through I'm blessed to have found you and all your amazing vibes!! See you very soon!


John. M. 

Good Morning from Cali! 

Melody is an amazing healer and teacher of ancient wisdom and practices. At a very low and lonely time my life we found each other and she taught me about my chakras and how align them. Reminding me to listen and be guided by my inner truth. Her hands are healing to the body and soul. she has true empathy because she is seasoned, has life experience and has walked many paths in her life. She can guide you to where and what you truly are called to be, and to do in this lifetime. She is a genuine healer, not out for money or fame. She is the real deal through and through!!! 

Much love to my beautiful soul sister

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Melody was unbelievable. It was like she had been giving me massages for years. She knew where to apply pressure and where not too. She is very attuned to her clients and has very kind hands! I can't wait to go back.




Thank you for healing me, one treatment at a time. Melody’s technique is far beyond what I have ever experienced. Her massage is not solely that. She is intuitive, and her movements flow so synergistic that you feel as if you are taken into another universe. I often find my body tension free, relaxed, and able to move freely after a treatment. But the reason I come back, is because of her ability to release tension in my mind and spirit. I feel lifted, and whole after a massage. There are not many professionals that take the time to understand, care, and deliver the best results as she does. This is truly her passion and it shows through her tremendous work.


~Brigitte Escobar 

 I have had everything from frequency healing to intuitive reading. Through my time with Melody she has helped navigate through deep repressed memories, issues with my family and personality flaws.


   Her healings helped put my life in perspective and helped me to face down my fears by building up my confidence and giving me a sense of direction. Something that most people in this world struggle with. And that's just without using hands! If you have the privilege of getting a massage by Melody her healing hands are other worldly.


   I suffer from chronic knee, back and foot pain. My joints would swell up when inflamed to the point where it made it hard for me to walk. I remember my first        experience with Melody I was hobbling

like I was 80 at the time and I was only 30 it was insane but with just one session Melody, I noticed my swollen feet when I looked down the swelling was going down I could feel the blood circulating through my body i felt realigned but when I stood up. It was as if I was walking on clouds I was amazed and that was 8 years ago and I have been going ever since

Paul. J.

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