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unique Healing Arts

Mystic Medicine Healings 

*Voted most requested treatment.

(The work she is locally known for.) We and this universe are constructed of energy, so it is imperative that we maintain energetic health and balance. A powerful and effective hands on healing (nomassage) treatment utilizing a fusion of Indigenous folk healing, Eastern & energy medicine.  This intuitive hands on healing treatment can remove energetic blocks, clear balance and revitalize chakras, awaken third eye, connect to guides, cleanse aura and more. Includes crystal and frequency healing, oracle reading and energetic seal of protection.

$100 60 mins / $160 90 mins/ $200 120 mins

Usui Reiki by A Reiki


Reiki is gaining more and more popularity with the rise of the Aquarian age, receiving such recognition it is now practiced within most Western Medicine Hospitals. Long before Reiki became popular, nearly a decade and a half ago, Melody began her attunements and practicing on the public.  Reiki is a beautiful folk healing modality dating back to ancient Sumeria and Egypt which popularized in Japan. This form of hands on healing utilizes divine cosmic energy (Chi) and at time crystals to balance and restore the chakra system, the auric field, emotions, traumas, clears energy blockages and harmonize the body mind spirit.  A soothing, energetic tune up for your spirit! 

*Can be done remotely!

1hour $95


A spiritual cleansing for the energy bodies, auric field, mind and spirit. Sacred herbs, burned resins, infused oils, prayers, sacred water, aromatherapies sound frequencies, egg, brief reading, energetic protection are all incorporated into this common form of folk medicine. Helps clear away heavy parasitic vibrations that are attached to us, associated with the evil eye and layers of trauma. An ancient and powerful form of Latin American folk healing and spiritual cleansing.

$100 1 hour 

Emotional Diffusions 

An interactive therapy session utilizing applied Kinesiology, Magnet Therapy, medicinal vibrations of plants, polarity therapy, breath work and mantra. Together we tap into the subconscious mind and wisdom of the body, to pinpoint and release locked and inherited emotions that often misalign our health, well being and quality of life, clearing the body, heart and mind of trapped emotions.

$150 1 hour 

Frequency Healings 

A no contact relaxing treatment incorporating tuning forks and sometimes shamanic drumming. In ancient times, when far more advanced societies existed, the power of sound, light and frequencies were utilized to restore imbalances in the body mind and spirit, incorporating sacred geometric shapes.This is a gentle yet effective modality for the different layers of the body

*This service must be booked at least 3 days in advance.   

$100 1 hour 

Henna Body Art

Melody has been practicing Mehndi Henna Art for over a decade, featured at henna parties and events,enjoy this symbolic ancient tradition while incense burns. She matches most designs. This can be infused and charged with a mantra for love, protection or fortuna for an additional fee.

*Book one week in advance.

$30 and up


Ethereal Surgery 

 This unique treatment effectively targets and removes energetic structures that we inherit in our ethereal bodies and acquire from life experiences. With our natural defense mechanisms we create “protective” shields, the result of crystallized energy patterns that hold memory of past traumatic events.  These structures can cause physical problems, chronic pain and blocked energy flow. Unless treated and released, the physical body atrophies and pain is locked into the cells of the body. This is a certified no contact healing technique that releases energies that no longer serve you, allowing the body to heal naturally. This modality can be done remotely! 

$250 & Up

*All appointments are booked through 


Through the seasons of Spring to Fall, weather permitting, Muhheacantuk side, we work one on one with the feminine healing spirits of the river. Applying and utilizing ensalmos, offerings, sacred healing tools, crystals, herbs, spiritual perfumes and flowers to release and cleanse energetic debris that can clog the healthy flow of our womb center. Be it from ancestral trauma, violation, passed pregnancies, reproductive issues and energies that can block our emotional, creative and manifesting flow and powers. Special instruction is given upon arrival regarding offerings and proper attire, this is a beautiful way to connect and heal with the power of nature. Non womb related auric cleansings are available riverside upon request.

Riverside Limpiezas and or Womb Cleansings/Healings.
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