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Divination & Alchemy

*All appointments can be done through 


Intuitive Readings

Looking for direction & divine guidance? The gift of divining and spirit connection comes from both family lines. My maternal Great Grandmother known for her accuracy in readings, believed divining to be a helpful tool that reflects our cycles yet aids in creating new outcomes.  I have years of experience with dreams, scrying, Pendulum work, Clairs, Tasseomancy, Lenormand, Oracle, Crystal, Western Astrology and and curios. 

I currently offer intuitive card readings, pendulum and kinesiology testing.


*Booking through messenger,

readings done video conference


15mins ~ $60
30mins ~ $90
60 mins ~ $160

Candle Magick, Workings/ Trabajos


Utilizing old school and new school methods of Alchemy, candle magick, is a method used for centuries to manifest desired intentions in our physical realm by sparking momentum in the spirit realm. With use of the elements, herbs, oils ,sacred waters, crystals, deities, flower essences, symbols, prayer, altar charge and sound vibrations. 


Health and Healing 



Court Cases 

Crown of Success 


Legbas’s Key Road Opener


Firey Wall of Protection and more.

*Includes consult, work is done remotely serviced on my altars, pictures of your candle and feedback as it burns.


Home Smudging/Blessings

Our homes unfortunately become the biggest dumping grounds for negative energy build up. Between what we bring home from work, the outside world, family disputes, former tenants, even parasitical spirts, our homes can quickly begin to feel anything but sweet. Spiritual home maintenance is a necessary tool for thriving in this realm. These cleansing traditions have been passed down generation to generation in the family and provide positive results. The inside and perimeter of your home is cleansed and blessed spiritually with sacred herbs, resins, tools, cascarilla, alum, crow and owl medicine, salts,prayer and mantra, closed with angelic energetic seal surrounding the home.

*This work is only performed for specific cases. 

Gris-gris/Medicine Bags

Customized for protection, love, court case, travel, healing, fertility etc. Made with homegrown herbs, raw crystals, sigils and energetically infused and magickally charged. Must "feed"at home,Instructions included. 

*Please allow 2 weeks for Preparation and alter work if being Shipped




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