“Healing begins with you. Irrespective of what the world says,

you make your own little world by changing

yourself ”



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Due to COVID my in house private practice is currently limited to regulars, remote healings, card readings, candle magic & select workshops.


Meet Melody


Melody C. Garrido

Reiki Master /Teacher



Melody is a phenomenally talented, seasoned Folk Medicine Healing Practitioner, Diviner and Metaphysical Educator, with strong roots in Indigenous, Caribbean, African, Indian and Celtic Spirituality and Medicine. She's held psychic intuitive and empathic healing gifts since childhood and carries an innate ingenuity in connecting with energy, spirits, other realms and beings alike.  She possesses nearly 20 years full time professional healing experience and over 30 years spiritual educational training. Much of her work is dedicated to assisting others on their spiritual inner healing path, highlighting then treating the root to disharmony. Her work focuses on the elements, spirit connection, chakras, ritual, energy and alchemizing pain into empowerment, fusing Metaphysical, Holistic & Medical Sciences to create a unique & effective medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit.


She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, certified in Acupressure,  Aromatherapy, Medicinal Herbs, Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), Crystals, Chakra Health, Ethereal Surgery and Sound Frequency Healing. She's a Certified Crystal Clinician and one of the few practicing Emotional Diffusion Therapists in the country. She’s worked in Holistic Clinics and Spas for the passed 16 years, achieving 5 star spa excellence for her quality and volume of work, assisting over 40,000 souls throughout her career. She offers impactful healings, effective massage, intuitive readings, infused henna body art, rootwork, workshops, candle alchemy, salt baths, magickal sprays, crystal prescriptions and medicine bags. 


She’s Experienced in Neuromuscular, Autoimmune, Neurodegenerative, Mental Disorders, PTSD, Abuse Victims, Terminally ill, Fertility concerns, athletes, inmates, children and a wide variety of medical issues. She's an Ordained Minister, Occultist, member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Builders of the Adytum, The Rosicrucian Order, Tribe member of Higuayagua Taino of the Caribbean, initiated into Lucumi, Palo Mayombe and continuously expands her education to effectively serve her community. 

Melody is a Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy graduate, former Neosoul Recording Artist, gifted Poet and has been recognized for her work on several WOC spiritual podcasts. You can find her at RAIN SPA RHINEBECK NY and part time on her own in the city of Poughkeepsie, NY.  She promotes spiritual hygiene and protection, preserving indigenous and African culture/spirituality, is an activist for clean water and marginalized peoples upliftment, healing and empowerment. 

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